Quad Tape Transfer                   
2 Inch Quadruplex Videotape Digitization Services at Affordable Prices

Identifying a Quad Video Cartridge and Transfer Price

RCA 2 inch Quad Carts

Pictured below is a RCA 2 inch video cartridge or "Cart" for short.
Usually one is loaded with 2 1/2 minutes of video tape.
This type cart was used in a RCA TCR-100 playback system.

The content of these carts can be manually transferred
by opening the cartridge and removing the tape inside,
 and respooling it onto a standard open reel.
Extra care and caution must be taken when removing and
respooling  so as not to crease or scratch the oxide layer
 of the tape.

For that reason, the extra work involved with unwinding
 and respooling the tape, the price is a little higher than the
standard 5 minute reel.

Transfer price per cart is: $35.00 to $45.00

Side view, doors open


Opposite side view, tape partially extracted