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Ampex Mark 10 Control Track R/P Head and Vacuum Hose Replacement

  This project describes a fairly common problem with Ampex Mark 10 and Mark 15 video head assemblies. A way to replace a dried-out or decomposing sticky vacuum hose.  A more uncommon problem is replacement of the Control Track R/P head. It does occasionally happen, most commonly the coil will become an open circuit internally. Interestingly, I have replaced more of the newer heads than the older type heads. All with the same trouble, an open head coil.
    The replacement vacuum tubing is 1/8" ID surgical type. It can usually be found locally at many hardware or hobby stores.
   It is also a good idea to have on hand a set of Bristol wrenches as the Ampex video head assemblies employ both Allen and Bristol types of machine screws.

   Allen Wrench     Bristol Wrench

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